Support Documentation 1.1 Introduction to Functions
1.1 Introduction to Functions

UPI Developer Platform comprises such four components as Open API, Solution, Partner and Support. Based on these services, users can experience advanced technical products and comprehensive payment solutions of UPI by calling open API, and rapidly acquire secure and reliable payments capacity to their own products.

(1)Open API: In the Open API section, this Platform opens up the APIs that allow developers to access UnionPay International’s data and payments technology. It is available for users to gain a deeper acknowledge of each API product through API Introduction and Flow Chart, and to know the functions of each API of such product via APIs Included. In addition, Steps to Launch and Sandbox Testing Parameter of API products assist users in using API to complete sandbox testing.

(2)Solution: In the Solution section, this Platform provides users with mature and integrated solutions based on different business scenarios and helps users to rapidly realize commercial payment.

(3)Partner: In the Partner section, this Platform launches more comprehensive technical documents, technical tutoring and targeted product testing and certification for UPI technology partners.

(4)Support: In the Support center of this Platform, users can find FAQ, independently download technical documents and product kits, raise questions to designated API contact persons via order service, as well as posting questions and sharing comments on a variety of development topics with fellow developers in UPI community. 

In addition to glancing over the contents exhibited by the aforesaid four sections, users can register to create an account to update their personal information, initiate consultation or follow-up questions by filing order service, or refer to sandbox testing information already filed and sandbox testing statistical data already performed.

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