UnionPay Restaurant Solution

The UnionPay Restaurant Solution aims to enhance merchants’ service capability and their customers’ experiences during eating and dining by integrating related resources and participants in the industry chain of F&B/Restaurants. Based on partnerships with these service providers, UnionPay would like to offer both merchants and consumers digitalized, mobilized, secure and convenient merchant services, payment services, and administration services etc.



Restaurants/F&B merchants and merchant operators need to work with local UnionPay partners (Issuers, Acquirers, wallet providers etc.) to develop their corresponding business.

Use Case

1 . Digital Restaurants Services

Partnering with service providers to visualize restaurant data in the mobile app, including GPS location, operation hours, cuisine type, contact information, coupon information, comments etc., through the digital merchant service to display a full picture of a restaurant to help physical merchants attract consumers from online and mobile channels.

2 . Order by Scanning a QR Code

The service provider can connect to the UnionPay USCP and enable Order by Scanning a QR Code in the UnionPay mobile app so that users can order food, customize their order and make payments by scanning just one QR code.

3 . Food Delivery

The service provider can enable food delivery services in the UnionPay mobile app by providing the H5 page to consumers in the app’s web view. Consumers can select food and pay in the app, and then wait for the food delivery. 

4 . Meal Coupon/Voucher

Helps merchants to sell coupons online or on the mobile platform, and offers customers a more convenient way to search, filter and purchase coupons. 


For customers:

Provides a convenient dining and eating experience from restaurant search, queue/reservation, ordering food and coupon sale to payment.

For merchants:

Provides merchants with an all-in one payment acceptance service, an order with QR code service, online and offline administration, data analysis, and information display in the mobile app.

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