Business Products

Providing abundant payment products to meet various demands of different channels, such as Card Product, Online Payment, Mobile Payment Service and Cross-border B2B Payment & Service.

  • Card Product

    UnionPay provides a wide range of products to issuers and cardholders,we have credit, debit and prepaid from card type perspective, and we also offer featured products such as premium card, Asia Theme card and Commerical card.

  • Online Payment

    The UPOP platform allows a cardholder to securely complete online transactions anytime, anywhere via a computer, cell phone, or tablet.

  • Mobile QuickPass

    UnionPay Mobile Quickpass incorporates both offline contactless and online in-app payment with mobile devices, with NFC&QRC all in one(Huawei Pay) and HCE solution offered.

  • QR Code

    QR code can enable any smartphone with screen and camera to become mobile wallet and make payment. Implementation on merchant side is also flexible.

  • Cross-Border B2B Service

    A platform offered by UnionPay to Merchants with functionalities including but not limited to cross-border payment, E-commerce settlement, and order management.

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