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UnionPay 3-D Secure
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The 3-D Secure authentication protocol is based on a three-domain model where the Acquirer Domain and Issuer Domain are connected by the Interoperability Domain for the purpose of authenticating a cardholder during an electronic commerce (E-commerce) transaction or identity verification and account confirmation.
API Introduction
API Introduction
Key Features

Support browser mode and In-App mode on mobile phones and other devices.

Improve user experience with controllable friction rate.

Easy implementation with unified global standard on system integration.

Fraud monitoring and management via risk-based authentication and enhanced data exchange.

More secure and flexible authentication methods.

Support ID&V in non-payment scenario. 

When to Use it?

UnionPay 3-D Seure is used for cardholder identity authentication in an online transaction. By enabling both frictionless mode and challenge mode, UnionPay 3-D Secure helps to improve user experience and secure transactions.

Who Use it?
Merchant, Issuer, Acquirer and Developer
Where to Use it?
This API is available globally for cross-border and transactions outside of the Mainland China.
Flow Chart
Flow Chart

3DS 流程图.png

UPOP: UnionPay Omnichannel Platform, a front system of UPI switch and clearing system that handle transactions of online payment, mobile payment etc

API Document
API Document
Approved Third Party Institutions
Approved Third Party Institutions

UnionPay International helps to accelerate adoption of new technology by merchants, financial institutions, and other technology providers. Browse the approved 3-D Secure 2.0 Third Party Institution directory to look for partners meet your business needs.


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