UnionPay Digital-Zone Solution

Digital Zone solution will utilize UnionPay card product, wallet product, QR Code product and Big Data capability to achieve real-name authentication and secure payment on campus or enterprise zone. By combining smart devices like mobile phone with on-campus scenarios (gate, canteen, meeting room, library, dormitory etc.), the solution can offer staff/students access control, online and offline payment, attendance check, enrollment etc., and can establish the card-free digital workplace or campus scenario.



The campus operator needs to work with local UnionPay partners (Issuer, Acquirer, wallet provider etc.) to develop corresponding business.

Use Case

1 . Enterprise zone

2 . Universities

3 . K-12 campus

4 . Training facilities


Digital campus card: virtual student/employee card issued in mobile APP and linked to student/employee account.

Online payment: online top-up and bill payment in the mobile APP from linked bank card or student/employee account.

In-store payment: using the mobile APP to make in-store purchase through QR Code linked to student/employee card to make payment on campus.

On-campus/zone services: using the mobile APP and digitalized student/employee accounts to provide campus/zone services in the APP, such as access control, attendance check, enrollment, laundry, meeting reservation, online administration etc.  

Mobile APP enablement: enabling mobile APP with UnionPay payment product to offer off-campus acceptance network and expand the application scenarios of the mobile APP.

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