Real-Time Mode

Being one of the contactless transit payment solutions, the UnionPay Transportation Real-time Mode Solution offers a ''pay as you go' model for users to take a trip by tapping their contactless card on the transit terminals. The payment will be authorized in a real-time manner.



Merchant side: Acquirers should have already obtained the POS acquiring license and support POS business.

Transit terminals should be certified on L2 & L3.


Public transit systems, such as buses, metros, ferries, BRT, etc.

Payment Flow

real time mode 1.png

Same as retail stores

Use Case

1 . Hangzhou Buses

real time mode usecase1.png

2 . Moscow AeroExpress

real time mode usecase2.png


It is ideal for the following scenarios:

• Stable internet connection

• Expensive fare (e.g. Airport Line)

• Average to low ridership

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