Fund Collection

The fund collection solution is designed for domestic platforms, who need to collect consumers’ payment at first then pay to overseas suppliers periodically and in batches.


 Domestic Merchants who sell overseas goods or services such as cross-border education, travelling and other services. 


To help domestic e-commerce platforms pay for overseas suppliers.

Payment Flow

  1. Domestic consumers pay to businesses through many method such as transfer, POS, and online payment etc.

  2. Importing companies log in UPI B2B Cross-border Payment & Service Platform to upload transaction authenticity data

  3. The UPI B2B Cross-border Payment & Service Platform collects data every day and generates documents to be paid for the company

  4. The company initiates payment instructions according to the documents to be paid, and UnionPay International initiates foreign exchange purchases and cross-border settlements according to the direction.

Use Case

1 . Funds Collection

Funds Collection product helps Farfetch (e-commerce marketplace),Easy transfer,Western Union,Flywire,Octupus  pay for its overseas suppliers.


Fast and Efficient:UPI B2B Cross-border Payment & Service Platform supports all-day online self-service settlement service, and the fastest settlement period is T+1.

Global settlement : UPI B2B Cross-border Payment & Service Platform supports  RMB currency, other global mainstream currency transfers, and support for separate accounting.

Capital safety : UPI B2B Cross-border Payment & Service Platform complies with international financial security standards and systems, and ensures security of funds. 

Credible and Open : Adhering to the principle of neutrality and openness, UPI B2B Cross-border Payment & Service Platform has been engaged in cross-border payments for more than ten years. Our partners comes from all over the world and achieve win-win growth with us.

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