SecurePay is a comprehensive Internet integration product, provided by UnionPay and its global partners. Cardholders can use their card information, e-banking or a QR code to complete their payment safely on SecurePay's page. In particular, SecurePay would redirect to the QR code payment page for mobile wallet apps to finish payments. Such mobile wallets would include QuickPass from UnionPay and wallet apps from banks, etc.


Institutions shall obtain E-commerce Acquiring License


Non Face-to-Face e-commerce payment

Payment Flow


1. The cardholder chooses a product on a merchant website.

2. The merchant initiates a request message to the acquirer’s system.

3. The acquirer transfers the transaction to the UnionPay Online Platform (UPOP).

4. The cardholder checks the individual's identity on UPOP.

5. UPOP transfers the transaction to UnionPay core processing system.

6. The UnionPay core processing system converts the foreign exchange rate and transfers the transaction to the issuer.

7. The issuer authorizes the transaction and the response message goes back to the merchant website over the same route.

Use Case

1 . E-commerce situations

SecurePay satisfies almost all e-commerce situations, including purchasing goods, booking hotels and tickets, bill payments, and so on.


Wide: SecurePay supports almost all of China UnionPay’s debit and credit cards. 

Safe: The cardholder will be redirected to UnionPay's page to pay. The UnionPay safe plugin will control the risk and ensure privacy.

Free: SecurePay supports several popular payment methods, including card information, e-banking and QR code.

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