UnionPay Retail Solution

The UnionPay Retail Solution targets branded chain retail enterprises and stores to offer comprehensive payment services and to assist partnered merchants enhance their consumers’ experiences and their own administrative and operative capability. The solution includes traditional cashier decks, self-check terminals, online e-commerce store design, mobile payment services based on QR codes and contactless payment solutions, and administration/management tools based on big data from consumer’s purchases and payments.



The merchants need to work with their local UnionPay partner (Issuer, Acquirer, wallet provider etc.) to develop their corresponding business.

Use Case

1 . Convenience store


2 . Supermarket


3 . Shopping mall/ Department stor


4 . Night market



Smart Cashier Services: Coordinates branded manufacturers to provide smart cashier devices or self-checkout services that support integrated payment (EMV chip, NFC, QR code etc.) 

QR Code Purchase: Offers plant-wide payment experiences by scanning a QR code from checking product and discount information to self-checkout in the mobile app.

Mobile APP Enablement: Gives brand stores their own mobile app to support QR code payment and in-app payment and is linked to a membership account to carry out digital membership management.

Integrated Payment Platform: The core product and platform that supports merchants with more digitalized services including integrated payment, administration, transaction monitoring, big data, statistical analysis, membership, discounts & coupons, etc. 

Value-Added Services: Digital coupons, membership services, big data support, etc.

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