Wallet Solution

The UnionPay wallet solution is a highly flexible and secure platform-based solution that incorporates mobile payments, P2P transfers, and various value-added services. With a modular design and API interface, the UnionPay wallet solution enables UnionPay partners of all sizes to quickly develop their own customized wallet payment solution while maintaining their brand and the relationship between their partners and cardholders. Moreover, the UnionPay wallet solution adopts token technology, which keeps cardholder’s financial information protected and encrypted. Joining the UnionPay wallet solution can quickly deliver the wallet app to the market and makes the payment experience fast, safe and easy.



Issuer of UnionPay.


  1. QRC Payment 

  2. Contactless Payment 

Use Case

1 . Wallet Solution

Based on the common standards and specifications, UnionPay provides our partners with full digital issuing technical support to drive interoperability. At the same time, UnionPay provides a wide range of supporting platforms to empower the issuer’s digital issuing business.



  1. Advanced Issuing Infrastructure: Issuers can enjoy multiple payment functions with one-time integration with the UnionPay mobile payment platform

  2. Diverse Delivery Approaches: Offers various functional modules covering different payment scenarios

  3. Flexible Deployment: Helps partners quickly deliver the wallet app to the market from scratch

  4. Comprehensive Payment Ecosystem: Besides the payment function, UnionPay also provides value-added service modules to increase user loyalty and usage frequency

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