Cardholder Account Management Service(CAMS)

Cardholders do not need to link their cards to the digital wallet or to online (Card-On-File) merchants. Based on Token technology and under the premise of ensuring cardholders' information security, tokens will be pushed to these merchants and be managed directly in the Issuer App, greatly improving cardholders’ payment experience. The functions mainly include: (1) Token Request; (2) Token Lifecycle Management.



The acquirer or merchant must support EC products, like ExpressPay or Merchant hosted


CAMS supports one-click card binding through token pushing, and following the lifecycle management of pushed tokens, substantially improves user experiences of card binding and management.

Payment Flow

CAMS 1.png

1. The cardholder selects the token requestor.

2. The issuer sends token push provisioning to the TR.

3. The TR sends a token request with authorization to UnionPay.

4. UnionPay responds with a token.

5. UnionPay returns a token creation notification to the issuer.

Use Case

1 . Token push



1. Simplifies card binding by initiating the process from the issuers' app

2. Avoids card information exposure and keeps accounts confidential

3. Encourages payment participation through extensive and convenient access to more third party apps

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