Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the service that can support in-store and in-app payments with Apple Inc., and takes the advantage of NFC, biological technology and Wallet to realize secure and reliable payment services.



UnionPay International Issuance License.


In-store and in-app payments.

Payment Flow

For In-Store

Step 1: Bind your UnionPay card with Apple wallet.

Step 2: Tap the mobile device on a POS terminal.

Step 3: Enter the PIN in the POS terminal, if necessary.

Step 4: Transaction is complete.


For In-App:

Step 1: Choose Apple Pay in the checkout page of a merchant app.

Step 2: Confirm payment.

Step 3: Verify fingerprint as your Wallet password.

Step 4: Payment is complete.


Use Case

1 . In-Store Payment

Supports NFC payment.

2 . In-App Payment

Supports in-app payment in merchant apps that support Apple Pay.


1. Supports NFC in-store payment and in-app payment.

2. Supports in-app provisioning solutions, which allows users to apply for a device card through their bank’s app.

3. Supports almost all Apple models with eSE solution.

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