Frictionless Parking

The UnionPay Frictionless Parking Solution enables automatic parking payment from a bank card linked to the car license plate number, providing a frictionless payment experience for users in parking payment scenarios. When a car drives through the parking lot gate, the car license plate information is collected by an automatic license identification device and the parking fee is calculated by the car park’s backend system based on its fee calculation rules. Then the parking lot will initiate a card-not-present online purchase transaction to the UnionPay Frictionless Payment Platform (UFPP), completing the frictionless payment.



To launch the UnionPay Frictionless Parking Solution, the app provider has to be a UCSP channel first.

The merchant (car park or car park service provider) must have MID assigned by a UnionPay acquirer.


Automatic payment at car parks that support Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Payment Flow


Step 1. The user registers with an app provider that provides the Frictionless Parking service.

Step 2. The user logs in to the Frictionless Parking H5 and then binds their UnionPay card and inputs their license plate number to enable the frictionless payment function.

Step 3. The user enters a parking lot that supports the Frictionless Parking service and leaves after a certain period of time.

Step 4. The parking lot will collect the bill information and initiate a payment request to UFPP automatically.

Step 5. UnionPay forwards the payment to the issuer for authorization, and the issuer returns the payment success notification to UnionPay and to the parking lot’s backend system.


Security: Security is a basic requirement for payments. The UnionPay Frictionless Parking solution adopts payment tokenization to guarantee payment security. 

Frictionless: The parking fee can be paid in a frictionless way.

Swiftness: The UnionPay Frictionless Parking solution reduces queuing time and optimizes the parking traffic.

Openness: The UnionPay Frictionless Parking solution provides an open solution. The service can be enrolled from any app that supports the solution, and transactions can be initiated from any car park that supports the solution.

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