Merchant-Hosted offers an easy and convenient payment user experience without being redirected from the merchant's page while ensuring a high level of security with prior card enrollment and cardholder identity verification before first use. After the card is enrolled, subsequent payment experiences will be a “one-click” experience, without the need to enter any card information or SMS code. Merchant-hosted is also one of the card-on-file scenarios of UPI token service. If the merchant or payment service provider wants to uses Payment Tokens in lieu of PANs in card-on-file database, the merchant can apply the payment tokens through UnionPay TSP system.


Acquirer: UnionPay International E-Commerce License

Merchant: PCI-DSS certification


Merchants with an account architecture

Card-on-file scenarios of UPI token service

Payment Flow

Enrollment Process:


Step 1: The cardholder adds a UnionPay card in their account on the merchant’s site. The acquirer sends an SMS-sending request to UnionPay. 

Step 2: UnionPay forwards the request to the issuer. 

Step 3: The issuer checks whether the card number and phone number match with the information stored in its system.

Step 4: The issuer forwards the result to UnionPay. If the information matches, UnionPay sends an SMS code to the cardholder’s phone number.

Step 5: The cardholder enters the SMS code.

Step 6: The acquirer sends the enrollment request to UnionPay. 

Step 7: UnionPay verifies the SMS code.

Step 8: If the SMS code is correct, UnionPay forwards the enrollment request to the issuer.

Step 9: The issuer verifies the card information and forwards the result to UnionPay. Then UnionPay forwards the transaction result to the acquirer.

Payment Process:


Step 1: The acquirer sends a purchase or preauthorization request to UnionPay.

Step 2: UnionPay forwards the request to the issuer.

Step 3: The issuer processes the request.

Step 4: The issuer sends the transaction result to UnionPay.

Step 5: UnionPay forwards the transaction result to the acquirer.

Use Case

1 . Wallet merchant

2 . Large merchants

Large merchants with an account architecture that can manage card information or token information properly


Frictionless model, one-click payment

Good user experience and high success rate

Risk controlled via initial authentication

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