Offers & Benefits Merchant
Interface between UMALL and merchant online mall
API Introduction
API Introduction
Key Features

Centralized display: UMALL displays the popular products of many merchants.

Preferential and convenient: cardholders can enjoy preferential price direct access to the popular goods of merchants in H5 mall.

When to Use it?

Merchant access Uplan H5 Emall

Who Use it?
Merchant online mall developer
Where to Use it?
Flow Chart
Flow Chart

UMALL 流程图.png

API Reference
API Reference
  • Get Merchant list
  • Get Popular Product list
  • Order Push
Interface description
This API is used to get merchant list data
Request Method
Request Parameter
Field name Identifier Type Length Request Default value Note
sign sign String M:Mandatory Signature
timestamp timestamp String M:Mandatory Timestamp. Format: yyyyMMddHHmms
serviceId serviceId String M:Mandatory Service Provider Id
Synchronous Response parameters
Filed name Identifier Type Length Request Default value Note
errno String 1 3 M:Mandatory Error code
errmsg String 3 200 O:Optional Error Message
sign String 1 128 M:Mandatory Signature
data JSONArray 1 M:Mandatory Merchant list
merchantId String 1 50 M:Mandatory
merchantName String 1 200 M:Mandatory
merchantUrl String 1 255 M:Mandatory
uplanMerchantId String 1 50 M:Mandatory Merchant ID in Uplan system, which is necessary to transmit when exists
hasHotProduct String 1 5 M:Mandatory Whether is hot product
updateTime String 1 14 M:Mandatory yyyyMMddHHmmss
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