UnionPay International
Technology Partner Program
UnionPay International (UPI) Technology Partner is a program to help emerging payment solutions quickly scale through accessing the power and value of UPI global network. The program allows software developers, wallet providers, mobile payments providers, etc. to design and launch products or devices that meet the functional and security standards of UPI. Through providing necessary specifications, testing, and certification, UPI Technology Partner accelerates the adoption of new payment technologies and solutions. UnionPay International looks forward to working together with more technology partners to create better payments experience for customers globally.
How it works
UnionPay International Technology Partner website contains essential information you will need to develop products supporting UPI innovative payment solutions, including guides, documents, testing, on-demand support from UPI technologists, and certification to become a UPI Technology Partner.
Technology Partner Benefits
  • Access to UPI's products documents including specifications, security requirements, etc.

  • Develop your products and services with UPI's know-how, or co-create with UPI technologists.

  • Customized support, testing and certification covering the whole innovation cycle.

How to become a partner?
  • Complete the registration form and submit to UPI for review.

  • UPI will send access codes to qualified users.

  • With the registration name and access code, a user can log on, browse partner-only materials, and download documents from the Library.

  • Partners can also raise questions and get support from UPI technology team. Further, partners can upload product programme to get them certified.

How to get a product certified?
  • step1

    Partners submit product programme to UPI for review.

  • step2

    After the review, partners can request for test case files, go through testing and get results.

  • step3

    Partners upload testing results and other relevant documents for certification.

  • step4

    After UPI approval, a certificate of the product will be generated for partner to download.

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