u·plan is the 1st cross-border marketing platform developed by UnionPay with purpose of mobile and web-based precision marketing by offering instant discounts. It utilizes cross-sectoral resources, upgrades service for all u•plan partner, and provides UnionPay cardholders with a new shopping experience.



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U·plan is a cross-border marketing platform mainly serves the outbound shopping scenario, it can provide Unionpay cardholders with a convenient and fast payment experience.

Payment Flow

Scenario 1: Card-based payment


Step1. Unionpay cardholders find u·plan offers in u·plan’s cooperating channels

Step2. Unionpay cardholders download the u·plan coupons

Step3. Unionpay cardholders show the u·plan coupon code to the cashier and cashier will use POS terminal to scan the coupon code

Step4. Unionpay cardholders shall pay by card or mobile Quick Pass

Step5. Payment successful

Scenario 2: Consumer Presented QRC payment


Step1. Unionpay cardholders find u·plan offers in e-wallet

Step2. Click the ‘Quick Payment’ button to generate the 2-in-1 payment code

Step3. Show the 2-in-1 payment code to the cashier

Step4. Cashier will use POS terminal to scan the 2-in-1 payment code

Step5. Payment successful

Scenario 3: Merchant Presented QRC payment


For static code,

Step1. Unionpay Cardholders locate QR Code Labels at the frontier

Step2. Open e-wallet and scan the QR code

Step3. Type amount manually to complete payment

Step4. Payment successful

For dynamic code,

Step1. Cashier presents payment QR Code contains discount information on POS terminal

Step2. Open e-wallet and scan the QR code

Step3. Check amount and confirm the payment

Step4. Payment successful

Use Case

1 . BoC Pay (HK) App

Channel APP: BoC Pay (HK) App

Characteristic: BoC Pay was officially connected to u·plan as a traffic portal on October 27, 2020. On November 9, BoC Pay and UnionPay co-funded and cooperated with McDonald's to launch the “Spend HK$30 & Get HK$10 off” campaign. Customers can order food on the automatic ordering machine and pay by 2-in-1 payment code generated by BoC Pay and enjoy the u·plan offer.

uplan usecase 1.jpguplan usecase 2.jpg.png


Precision marketing, instant discounts, and mobile / web-based marketing are its key features. The implementation of a u•plan process is based on mobile device. The most important feature of u•plan is being able to instantly reach our cardholders with needed information. For example, in an online travel agency (OTA) distribution channel, the OTA will inform its users about all the merchant activities at his/her destinations together with the flight order, hotel order or other orders related to his travelling. Mobile-based distribution is another important feature of u•plan. Cardholder receives activity notifications through mobile, then choose and save coupons in his/her mobile phone device for cashier to scan. After successful coupon verification, cardholder can enjoy the discount conveniently.

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