UnionPay Benefit Rewards Platform (UBRP)

The UnionPay Benefit Rewards Platform provides a tool to award benefits for cardholder behavior and to implement differentiated benefits for Channel Partners. By using the platform for liaison, both the Channel Partner and Benefit Provider (Merchant) can substantially lower the cost of technical integration, while implementing the benefit service scope. Meanwhile, the dynamic display of benefits based on cardholder's eligible cards and corresponding consumption performance can continuously incentivize cardholders to increase the possibility of card usage.



UnionPay International (HQ & overseas branches) benefits development

Issuers benefit from integration and development

Other channel apps benefit from integration

Payment Flow

Benefits Verification & Writing-off

UBRP 1.png

1. The cardholder clicks “U Rewards” in the channel app, and enters the “Benefits Wallet” to check their unused benefit vouchers, and then selects a benefit voucher and clicks “Use Benefit”.

2. The H5 page requests the unique benefit code related to the benefit voucher from UBRP.

3. UBRP generates the benefit code and returns it to the H5 page for displaying to the cardholder, and the cardholder provides the benefit code to the merchant by scanning or manually inputting it.

4. The merchant system initiates the write-off request message to UBRP to verify and write off the benefit code.

5. After conducting necessary checks and writing off the benefit code, UBRP returns the transaction results to the merchant system in the response message.

6. UBRP notifies the cardholder of the result of the benefit code verification and writing off via the H5 page.

Benefits Revocation

UBRP 2.png

1. The merchant can initiate a revoke request message to UBRP, using the original message ID from the write-off request message to cancel the previous benefit code verification and writing off transaction.

2. After checking whether the transaction to be revoked has been successfully verified and written off on the same day and not exceeded 30 minutes, UBRP revokes that transaction and returns the revoke result to the merchant system in the response message.

3. UBRP notifies the cardholder of the revoke result via the H5 page.

Use Case

1 . Cardholder Related Module

UBRP usecase 1.jpg

UBRP usecase 2.jpg

UBRP usecase 3.jpg


UnionPay benefit redemption:

Cardholders can use their UnionPay card to redeem UnionPay benefits through H5 and enjoy the services of global merchants.

Flexible technical solution:

Merchants can choose to connect to the platform via API, or via a full set of webpage portal solutions to simplify development.

Multilingual support:

Supports multilingual services including Chinese, English and other required languages.

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