UnionPay Content & Service Platform (UCSP) for Service Provider

UCSP realizes two-way connection and resource integration between channels and service providers through standardized API docking. By integrating resources from channels (e.g. UnionPay app, white label wallet and banking apps) and service providers (e.g. utility fees, tax refunds, transport, recreation and delivery), UCSP offers core functions, such as unified accounts, order synchronization, payment services, customized solutions and data analysis.



Acquirers or merchants must have qualifications for UnionPay e-commerce transactions


Front-end payment & back-end payment

Payment Flow

Step 1: Choose services in the channel app

UCSP channel 1.jpg

Step 2: Agree the user info authorization

UCSP channel 2.jpg\

Step 3: Browse and order

UCSP channel 3.jpg

Step 4: Invoke UCSP’s checkout functions to pay

UCSP channel 4.jpg

Use Case

1 . Gobybus

Service Contents: The online ticket reservation service for inter-city buses in the Greater Bay Area which covers more than 10 cities including Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Shantou.

Characteristic: The standard UCSP accessing case that the Gobybus system connects with UCSP according to the UCSP standard APIs and is output to the UnionPay app

UCSP channel 3.jpg


1. Unified Account: Users only need to log in once on the channel side, and after selecting the relevant services, there is no need to conduct account login verification repeatedly, so as to achieve  consistency for users.

2. Order Synchronization: UCSP transmits the order information, which was pushed by the service provider to the channel app to realize overall order synchronization and so the cardholder can conduct order inquiry on both sides.

3. Payment Services: The platform supports a variety of UnionPay payment methods (in-app payment, WAP page payment, etc.), enabling payment capabilities for both service providers and channels.

4. Customized Solution: UCSP provides customized services, such as making a H5 page for service providers with pure data resources to access channels, or UCSP can adapt to service providers special APIs under certain scenarios.

5. Data Analysis: UCSP will use internal ID tags to mark cardholders, and with the permission of the user, UCSP is able to help analyze the user's consumption behavior.

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