NFC & QRC All in One for Huawei Pay

Huawei Pay is a mobile payment service provided by both UnionPay and Huawei for Huawei devices. Huawei Pay supports an NFC & QR code all-in-one solution and in-app provisioning solution, and users can conduct NFC payments, QRC payments and in-app payments with cards registered in Huawei wallets.


UnionPay International Issuance License.


1. In-store NFC payment and QRC payment

2. In-app payment

Payment Flow

For NFC QuickPass:

1. Verify fingerprint or wallet password and select payment card.

2. Tap the phone on the POS.

3. Payment is complete.


For QRC Payment:

1.Open Huawei wallet and verify fingerprint or wallet password.

2.Scan the UnionPay standard QR code or trigger the QRC UI.

3.Scan the QR Code to pay or scan it with the merchant POS and pay.



For In-App Payment:

1.Choose Huawei Pay in the checkout page of the merchant app.

2.Confirm payment.

3.Verify fingerprint or wallet password.

4.Payment is complete.


Use Case

1 . In-Store Payment

Supports both NFC payment, merchant-presented QRC and customer-presented QRC.


2 . In-App Payment

Supports in-app payment in merchant apps that support Huawei Pay.



1. Supports all Huawei models, no matter whether they have NFC chip or eSE chip or not.

2. Supports an NFC & QRC all-in-one solution, where users can trigger NFC device cards and QRC simultaneously.

3. Supports an in-app provisioning solution, which allows users to apply for a device card through their bank’s app.

4. Supports in-app payment, so users can make payments directly in a merchant app.

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