Tax Refund

UnionPay works with over 10 tax refund companies, such as Global Blue, Planet Tax Free, to provide a cross-border tax refund service, and now covers over 300,000 merchants and more than 48 countries & regions. Once cardholders are qualified for claiming tax refunds after shopping at cooperative merchants, just simply filling in their UnionPay card number in the tax free form to get refunds when completing all the refund processes. In addition, cardholders even can enjoy instant refund as well as related value-added services via UnionPay app, which is a safe, fast, and convenient way.



Before starting a UnionPay tax refund business, the tax refund company needs to prove itself to be qualified for launching tax refund services at target markets, such as having a local tax refund license. In addition, it needs to apply for UnionPay tax refund license and get the relevant permissions.


For customers who go shopping overseas and claim a tax refund no matter whether at an airport/port, downtown, or even in their home country. Furthermore, UnionPay supports innovative refund methods such as kiosks, App at specific refund points.

Payment Flow

The UnionPay tax refund procedure varies slightly from country to country due to each country's tax refund regulations or the user's choice of tax refund method.

  1. Get a Tax Refund Form upon purchase over a specified minimum amount (inclusive) and select UnionPay card (card number starting with 62) to receive the tax refund.

  2. Pass the customs inspection before departure (get the Tax Refund Form stamped or scanned).

  3. Deliver or mail the tax refund forms and invoices. (Reminder: For future queries and retrospection, please keep a record of the information in the Tax Refund Form and invoice, photocopy or photo is preferred, before delivering or mailing the documents.)




Use Case

1 . UnionPay app real-time refund

  1. Click “Find more” to enter “Life convenience” page.

tax refund usecase 1.png

2. Find “Global Tax Refund” module in sub-catalog “Overseas service”

tax refund usecase 2.png

3. Click “Airport Tax Refund” to open the real-time tax refund QRC/Barcode.

tax refund usecase 3.png

4.Show the code to the tax refund counter to receive the tax refunds instantly.

tax refund usecase 4.png


UnionPay tax refund services can be used at airports/ports, downtown, and even in your home country. For cardholders, it provides a fast, secure, and convenience way to receive the refunds. Furthermore, the UnionPay tax refund platform integrates tax refund partners’ APIs to provide value-added services, such as a tax refund tracker, tax refund calculator and FAQs, and has the ability to provide those services to overseas and domestic wallets.

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