One-Stop Cross-Border Shopping — Shop the World

One-Stop Cross-Border Shopping — Shop the World offers a one-stop cross-border shopping experience for UP cardholders. Cardholders can log in to Shop the World, explore the latest fashion trends and place an order directly on the platform. For onboarding merchants, Shop the World offers a high-quality selling channel, which better helps merchants with branding and transaction volume growth.



1. Overseas or HK/Macau/Taiwan brands

2. The main company of the store is based outside mainland China

3. Required qualifications

- Registration documents for the store’s main company

- Identity documents for the authorized representative of the store’s main company

Overseas bank account information for the store’s main company

- Trademark registration certificate/authorization letter issued by the trademark holder

- Other relevant qualifications depending on the products’ categories


Cross-border online shopping for domestic UP cardholders

Payment Flow

shop the world 1.jpg

Step 1. The cardholder chooses their favorite products and add to shopping cart.

Step 2. They complete the order information and confirm the order.

Step 3. They pay within the UnionPay app.

Step 4. Payment for the order is successful and they wait for the delivery.


For merchants

1. Large potential customer base (0.3 billion UnionPay app users) with a trustworthy brand image of UnionPay

2. Only a reasonable percentage of the commission fee is charged (subject to categories), no hidden expenses (e.g. annual fee, ad fee etc.)

3. No extra system medication is required for merchants and fast payment collection is provided (T+1 to acquirer)

4. Professional and extensive operational support from platform usage to logistical advice, Haigou helps merchants to get onboard smoothly

For cardholders

1. High-quality authentic products

2. Fast and smooth payment experience through the UnionPay app

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