UPI Points Redemption Platform

The UPI Points Redemption Platform (UPRP) provides membership card binding and points redemption for both industry partners and channel partners like banks and merchants. By using the platform for liaison, both partners can substantially lower the cost of technical integration while expanding the usage scope of their reward points. Besides strengthening loyalty programs, the platform is also a convenient way for channel partners to develop business cooperation with more popular merchants, and for industry partners to obtain more branding exposures and customers.



Redeem UnionPay coupons, including u.plan coupons, instant discount coupons, etc.

Exchange loyalty points and mileage with other industry partners

Bind membership cards on the channel partner’s app

Tier-matching of other industry partner’s membership cards

Payment Flow

a. The usage scope of a bank/merchant’s reward points can be quite limited. While with UPRP, participants can now choose desired merchants from UnionPay’s abundant merchant resources to offer users attractive UnionPay coupons and third-party’s coupons/points:

UPRP 1.png

1. Cardholder opens channel APP

2. After cardholder selects a coupon to be redeemed, the channel app deducts points and initiates coupon redemption transaction to UPRP;

3. UPRP initiate points increase transaction to Industry partner;

4. Industry partner returns redemption results to UPRP;

5. UPRP returns redemption results to channel partner.

b. In every traffic channel app on UPRP, app users can bind their existing merchant’s membership card or register as a new member, increasing the merchant’s brand exposure and introducing new HNW members:

UPRP 2.png

1. Cardholder opens channel APP

2. Jump to UPRP H5,and select an Industry membership card;

3. Jump to Industry H5, and register or login;

4. Industry backend system returns membership card info to UPRP;

5. UPRP transmits card info to channel partner to complete card binding.


Membership Card Binding: Through this service, the industry partner (merchant) can introduce their membership registration and binding functions to the platform’s traffic channel apps, offering users electronic membership cards, using experience while introducing the merchant to new members. The service can also suffice demands of membership collaboration among merchants.

UnionPay Coupon Redemption: Users of partners can use their reward points to redeem UnionPay coupons and enjoy instant discounts when shopping at merchants that accept UnionPay cards.

Points Exchange: Partners can exchange points and coupons with other partners to fulfill the demand of cooperation among loyalty programs.

Flexible Technical Solution: Partners can choose to connect to the platform via API, or via a full set of H5 solutions to simplify the development.

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