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Merchant Offer
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Merechant's Offer provides massive offer information of UnionPay international, as well as the merchant and store information related to the offer.
API Introduction
API Introduction
What is it?

Merchant Offers API provides access to UnionPay International's central offer repository, so as to enable users to promote merchant offers to their cardholders on multilingual custom applications or pages. All the information is simultaneously managed and updated for users to access the latest offers as soon as they become available.

Key Features

In-depth Cooperation

It helps API users to cooperate closely with partners who display UnionPay international offers and provide offer store data with latitude and longitude to facilitate partners' secondary development.

Sychronized Information Update

Get the daily changed offer information of UnionPay international through the interface, and keep pace with the offer information of UnionPay International's official website.

When to Use it?

1) The cardholder inquires about the offer according to the specific merchant.

2) The cardholder queries the acquiring merchant according to the merchant offer type

3) According to the merchant's  data, the offer nearby will be secondary developed to facilitate UPI cardholders

Who Use it?
Acquirer, Issuers, Third-party App manufacturers
Where to Use it?
This API is available globally
Flow Chart
Flow Chart


Access Flow:

1. API Caller apply to use APIs

2. UPI approve application, update white list and generate key pair, then provide API Caller the public key and user ID (appID)

Call Flow:

3. API Caller uses the public key to encrypt the request message which include caller’s user identity information

4. UPI verify API Caller’s identity, decrypt request message, and return response data encrypted by using private key.

Steps to Launch
Steps to Launch

1) Fill in the business application form and submit it to the business department according to the offer type .

2)Simultaneously complete sandbox test and submit test results for review.

3) Transfer to production and go live after approval authority of business department

Please contact Developer operation team by submitting order.

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