USSD Payment

The USSD solution is a mobile payment solution designed for markets where there is a lack of local network infrastructure and smart devices. It can enable featured phones to send mobile payment transactions by inputting the merchant till number, transaction amount and PIN, and it can work under a GSM network.



To launch the USSD solution, the member needs to have a QRC business license.

For acquirers, USSD acceptance should be launched along with merchant-presented QRC acceptance on both a technical level and business level.

For issuers, the USSD wallet gateway should support a merchant-presented QRC payment related interface on a technical level, as well as till number inquiry interface. The USSD wallet should also obtain a Wallet ID assigned by UnionPay.


Feature phone mobile payment

GSM network mobile payment

Implement along with QRC on the acceptance side

Payment Flow

1. User inputs a code string (e.g. *#150#) provided by the issuer to enter the STK menu

2. User chooses a network from the menu according to the merchant’s acceptance

3. User inputs the till no., transaction amount and PIN, and confirm the transaction

4. The payment is complete, and both the consumer and merchant receive an SMS notification



Supports mobile payments with feature phones under a GSM network

The merchant can be clueless about USSD and QRC payments with both looking the same to the merchant

The customer can choose to pay with USSD or QRC according to their device, network capability and user habit

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