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Cardholder Account Management Service For TR App
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UnionPay Cardholder Account Management Service (CAMS in short) provides a convenient way for cardholders to distribute and manage their payment credentials.
API Introduction
API Introduction
What is it?

Cardholders do not need to link cards on the digital wallet or on-line (Card-On-File) merchants. Based on Token technology, under the premise of ensuring cardholders' information security, token will be pushed to these merchants and be managed direclty in Issuer App, greatly improving cardholder's payment experience. The functions mainly include: (1) Token Request; (2) Token Lifecycle Management.

Key Features

• Simplify binding card by initiating this process from issuers' App

• Avoid card information exposure and keep account confidential

• Encourage payment participation by extensive and convenient access to more third party Apps

When to Use it?

Applicable to Token Requestors who want to integrate UPI Cardholder Account Management Service and provide account management service to their customers.

Who Use it?
Acquirer, Merchant and Technical Service Provider
Where to Use it?
This API is available globally except for mainland China.
Things to Know
  1. 1. The App or website shall be provided by issuer for cardholders to initiate the token push and management.

  2. 2. Token Requestor (TR) indicates the party which stores the cardholder's token and initiates transaction with cardholder's token, such as e-wallet。

  3. 3. There are typically two types of TR, digital wallet and online merchant. The former one connects to UnionPay Mobile Payment System (UMPS), the latter one connects to UnionPay Online Payment Platform (UPOP).

  4. 4. UPI CAMS supports 3 scenarios of Issuer-TR interaction: App to App, App to Web, Web to Web. All these 3 scenarios are realized through URI method. When issuer gets the TR list from UnionPay, each TR will have 3 URI address, for iOS, Android and Web respectively. The url scheme shall be complex enough to avoid confliction with other App.

  5. 5. To ensure use experience, UnionPay recommends Issuer App to skip android/iOS scheme address first. Skip to website url happens only if the TR App is not installed on the device.

  6. 6. Sensitive information (such as Primary Account Number, PAN) is required to encrypt before transmitting it in the message.

Flow Chart
Flow Chart


1. Cardholder select token requestor or merchant

2. Issuer send token push provisioning to TR

3. TR send token request with authorization to UPI

4. UPI respond token

5. UPI return token creation notification to issuer

API Reference
API Reference
  • Linking Card
Interface description
The interface allows a user to provide UPI with the error details of ATM information returned by UPI.
Request Method
Request Parameter
Field name Identifier Type Length Request Default value Note
ATM ID atmId S 1-100 C:Conditional The ATM ID that get from the result of ATM_LIST_INQUIRY and NEARBY_ATM_INQUIRY interface.
Country Code countryCode N 3 M:Mandatory "156" A 3-digit numeric value, as defined by [ISO 3166], that indicates the country code.
City Name cityName S 1-100 M:Mandatory The name of the city for an ATM location.
Bank Name bankName S 1-100 M:Mandatory The owner of the ATM.
Address address S 1-500 M:Mandatory The address of an ATM
Longitude longitude S 1-100 O:Optional “+30” Longitude of the ATM's location.
Latitude latitude S 1-100 O:Optional “-120” Latitude of the ATM's location.
Report Reason reportReason N 1 M:Mandatory "0" This provides the error of ATM information, including the following values:“0”: "There is no ATM at this address"“1”: "The ATM belongs to the wrong bank or city"“2”: "The address description of ATM is not accurate"“3”: "The ATM belongs to the wrong bank or city"“4”: "ChipCard not supported"“5”: “There is a new ATM at this address”“6”: “Others”
Other Reason otherReason S 1-100 O:Optional 0 This provides other error of ATM information.
Synchronous Response parameters
Filed name Identifier Type Length Request Default value Note
Message Response  msgResponse Object M:Mandatory
Response Code responseCode AN 2 M:Mandatory "00" It contains a code that defines the response to a request.
Response Message responseMsg S 1-100 M:Mandatory "Approved" It contains the request result and the rejection reason if the request fails. The value of this field can be displayed by the Gateway to notify the user of the request outcome.
Error Details errorDetail S 1-255 O:Optional “The Issuer response is time out.” It contains additional detail regarding the problem identified in the message. The information is only for debug purpose. It shall not be displayed to the user.
Steps to Launch
Steps to Launch

Issuers and Token Requestors shall fill in the UPI Cardholder Account Management Service Application Form.

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