Block Chain

CBDC test platform offers comprehensive use cases to test roll-out strategies for CBDC by simulating a CBDC ecosystem. The test platfrom provides multi-dimensional testing for CBDC participants including CBDC, Commercial banks and other financial insitutions. All the scenatios are covered to evaluate CBDC issuance, distribution, exchange, transition and redeem.


1. CBDC issuance POC validation

Test platform will help participants validate the CBDC solution comprehensively. 

2. CBDC issuance technical cooperation

Based on CBDC issuance SaaS solution of UPI, the platform will provide participants with customized solution to accelerate the CBDC solution implementation.


  1. Multi-dimensional Testing


2. Full process simulation


3. Compatibility evaluation


4. Further support

According to business requirements of participants, further technical and production support are also provided after CBDC testing report and certification being generated.

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