UnionPay PaybyLink aims to provide one-stop, secure and reliable solution for merchants who want to quickly set up online sales service for customers. Without the need for system development or reconfiguration, merchants can use the platform to rapidly create payment links that can be sent to customers via email, text message or social media, thus assisting merchants in enhancing brand value and increasing transaction volume.



Acquirers should have a UnionPay international online acquiring license and be able to correctly process the settlement files sent from UnionPay International.


All merchants who want to quickly set up online sales service for customers, like art dealers and galleries, jewelry and silverware shops, department stores, wholesalers, and so on.

Payment Flow

Including the merchant portal and cardholder portal:

1.Merchant portal menus: Homepage, Create New Link, Link Management, Transaction Query, User Management.

2.Key Functions: 

1) Create new Link

paybylink 1.png

2) Link Management - Invalidate the available link

paybylink 2.png

3) Link Management - Extend expired link validity period or Create with the same details

paybylink 3.png

4)Transaction Query - Purchase Cancellation

paybylink 4.png

5)Transaction Query - Refund, including partial/full amount

paybylink 5.png

6)User Management - Add New User

paybylink 6.png

7)User Management - Edit or Delete User

paybylink 7.png

3.The cardholder can receive the payment link via email, SMS or social media, and click the link on his/her computer or mobile phone, the browser will redirect to the payment page, we support pay via UnionPay App, mobile browser, computer browser or eBank payment.

1)Below are the screenshots of clicking the link on mobile phone

paybylink 8.png

a)Pay via UnionPay App  

paybylink 8.png

b)Pay via mobile browser

paybylink 10.png

2)Below are the screenshots of clicking the link on computer

paybylink 11.png

a)Pay via computer browser

paybylink 12.png

b)Pay via eBank payment

paybylink 12.png

4. Customer Flows

paybylink 12.png

Use Case

1 . Gagosian

Gagosian is a global gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art that employs more than 300 people at 18 exhibition spaces. Gagosian launched UnionPay PaybyLink in October 2020 and their transaction volume is more than 3 million RMB.

paybylink usecase.png


Simple: No system developing work for merchants and only 3-7 days merchants can launch.

Free: No system service fees, which is the same as other UnionPay e-commerce products.

Optimized: A complete set of Create New Link, Link Management and Online Payment services.

Safe: Based on UnionPay payment system and risk control rules, All data are strictly encrypted.

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