Transit QR Code Mode

Transit QRC can be generated on mobile applications. Users can present the code and get scanned by the transit terminal to take a trip. Transit QRC can be generated and validated offline, with no sensitive or financial data involved, which brings great convenience and safety to users.



Merchant side: Acquirers should already have the QRC acquiring license and support MPM QRC business.

APP side: App providers should be TPSPs of UnionPay. If the provider is an issuer, it should be a UnionPay member and already support MPM QRC business.


Public transit systems, such as buses, metros, ferries, BRT, etc.

Payment Flow

QR CODE 1.png

Step 1: The user applies for a transit QR code on the app and scans it on the transit terminal.

Step 2: Users with a valid code are allowed to enter/exit the transit system. The journey info will be uploaded to the app for display.

Step 3: After journey construction, the transit backend will initiate a trip payment request via the UnionPay system. It can be performed in a deferred manner.

Step 4: UnionPay will help complete the transaction with the issuer and push a result notification to the app for display. 

Use Case

1 . Bus

2 . Metro



The UnionPay Transit QR Code can be both offline and online generated on the app. The terminal can perform offline validation, which is independent of the network environment.


It is an open solution for the transit industry. The service can be enrolled from any app that supports UnionPay Transit QR Code Payment and transactions can be initiated from any transit operator that accepts UnionPay Transit QR Codes.


Journey fares can be paid in a frictionless way and a deferred manner.


Security is a basic requirement for payments. The UnionPay Transit QR Code adopts payment tokenization to guarantee payment security. UTSP provides a comprehensive risk control mechanism, ensuring safety and lowering transaction failure loss.

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