Payout Product

Payout is a service offered by acquirers to platform merchants, which enables the merchants to credit merchandise/service providers’ UnionPay cards based on sales details, etc. through Primary Credit Transactions.


  1. Obtain local licenses related to money remittance/transfer services.

  2. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

  3. Obtain UnionPay International membership and UnionPay International remittance acquiring license.


  1. Global E-commerce Marketplace

  2. Online travel agency: accommodation, transport

  3. Etc.

Payment Flow


  1. In the first transaction, the domestic cardholder initiates the payment to the domestic payment platform, and the domestic acquirer completes the domestic fund settlement.

  2. The payment platform collects the transaction data and initiates the cross-border fund settlement requests to the UnionPay B2B platform in batches.

  3. In the second transaction, after UnionPay has checked the transaction data through the risk control systems, it initiates the settlement to the overseas merchant.


  1. Fast and real-time: Sellers can receive funds immediately after evoking the withdraw transaction.

  2. Fifteen mainstream currencies: Fifteen kinds of currencies supported for both issuing and acquiring.

  3. Payout by 1 CLICK: Seller can start payout with a quick click on the merchant's or acquirer's page.

  4. Easy APIs to start: Payout APIs are simple to help reduce the system development work.

  5. Reasonable pricing: Payout provides competitive pricing.

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