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Issuer Transaction Data Ranking
Information Service Issuer
Issuers inquire about transaction data ranking
API Introduction
API Introduction
What is it?

ISSUER TRANSACTION DATA RANKING API provides all the transaction data ranking,including total transation number,total transation amount, transaction ranking within    specified time period.

Key Features

Issuer  self  assessment

When to Use it?

When an issuer wants to know the global cross-border transaction number and transaction amount ranking information, it can obtain it through this API interface

Who Use it?
UPI members who issue UnionPay Card
Where to Use it?
This API is available globally
Flow Chart
Flow Chart


1. Issuer initiates transaction data ranking to UPI system   (in JSON format).

2.UPI system forwards the request to Large Date Platform(LDP) of UPI.

3.LDP responds to UPI with the transaction ranking.

4.UPI forwards the transaction ranking response to issuer (in JSON format).

API Reference
API Reference
Interface description
The interface provides cross-border and domestic transaction data of the specified Issuer within a month.
Request Method
Request Parameter
Field name Identifier Type Length Request Default value Note
Inquired Year and Month inqYearMon N 6 M:Mandatory The inquired year and month.
Issuer IIN issuerIIN AN 1-11 M:Mandatory The Issuer Institution Identification Code.
Synchronous Response parameters
Filed name Identifier Type Length Request Default value Note
Total Transaction Number totalTrxNo N 1-20 M:Mandatory The total transaction number of the inquired month.
Total Transaction Amount totalTrxAmt ANS 1-20 M:Mandatory The total transaction amount in CNY of the inquired month. When the amount includes decimals, the "." character shall be used to separate the decimals from the integer value, and the "." character may be present even if there are no decimals.
Total Transaction Amount Ranking totalTrxAmtRank ANS 1-10 M:Mandatory The total transaction amount in CNY ranking of the inquired month in UPI network.
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