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U•plan is used by developers to deal with coupon. After browsing promotion from u•plan partners’ websites, Apps or WeChat Official Accounts, App users and UnionPay cardholders can access the coupons to participate in promotions.
API Introduction
API Introduction
What is it?

U•plan is the first cross-border marketing platform developed by UnionPay with purpose of mobile and web-based precision marketing by offering instant discounts. It utilizes cross-sectoral resources, upgrades service for all u•plan partner, and provides UnionPay cardholders with a new shopping experience. U•plan partners access u•plan platform through standard API, which helps participants retrieve real-time data. For example, when a cardholder requests a coupon in an App, the App will send request to u•plan platform and retrieve coupon code through API. 

Key Features

Precision marketing, instant discounts, and mobile / web-based marketing are its key features. The implementation of a u•plan process is based on mobile device. The most important feature of u•plan is being able to instantly reach our cardholders with needed information. For example, in an online travel agency (OTA) distribution channel, the OTA will inform its users about all the merchant activities at his/her destinations together with the flight order, hotel order or other orders related to his travelling. Mobile-based distribution is another important feature of u•plan. Cardholder receives activity notifications through mobile, then choose and save coupons in his/her mobile phone device for cashier to scan. After successful coupon verification, cardholder can enjoy the discount conveniently.

When to Use it?

U•plan participants may refer to the API introduction for 3 reasons:

1. Business Evaluation: make the dicision on whether to join uplan or not

2. System Modification Evaluation

3. Coding: get the example coding cases

Who Use it?
The system developers of the application provider and UnionPay International, and system testing and business acceptance personnel.
Where to Use it?
This API is available globally except for mainland China
Things to Know

1.Traffic Portal: Institutions own customer resources and are willing to distribute u•plan activity coupons to its customers. Issuers and online travel agents (OTAs) are typical traffic portals.

2. Cardholders: Specifically referred to UnionPay cardholders.

3. Acquirer: Provide u•plan acceptance services to merchants.

4. Merchant: Store owners who provide u•plan coupons to attract consumers.

Flow Chart
Flow Chart


1. UPI offer coupon to agency by API

2. Cardholder obtain coupon from Agency through app or portal

3. Cardholder redeem coupon in specific merchant shop

API Reference
API Reference
  • Members Acquire Coupons
  • Members Delete Coupons
  • Coupon Information Update
  • Coupon Verification Notice
  • Inquiry of The Num of Coup Used
  • Coupon Cancellation Notice
Interface description
After the members (including bank cardholders) of the application provider have browsed the detailed information of the promotion through the institution’s website, APP or WeChat Official Account, they can select to acquire the coupon to participate. In the same time, the system of the application provider will apply for acquiring the coupon to the cross border marketing platform, and display the handling result to the member in real time.
Request Method
Request Parameter
Field name Identifier Type Length Request Default value Note
Type of Operation procType AN 1 M:Mandatory 1- Obtaining coupon
Signature certificate ID signCertId AN 1-128 M:Mandatory Signature certificate ID
Encryption certificate ID encCertId AN 1-128 O:Optional Encryption certificate ID
Display Language language AN 1-5 M:Mandatory Zh-cn: Simplified Chinese. en: English
Reference number refNum N 1-20 M:Mandatory The random number or reference number generated by traffic portal. It is returned in response message as is.
Traffic portal ID insCode ANS 1-11 M:Mandatory Traffic portal ID configured in the Marketing Platform
Promotion campaign code pmtCode ANS 1-30 M:Mandatory Promotion campaign code configured in the Marketing Platform.
Mark of card number cardFlag N 1 M:Mandatory 0: not provide any card number; 1: provide the full card number;
Card number cardList ANS 1-1024 O:Optional List of card numbers, which is transferred in encryption; 2: provide the card number shielded. At most 20 cards of the same user can share a coupon. Vertical line (|) is used as separator between card numbers. Asterisk (*) is used for the truncated digits of card number, and the truncated digits are equal to the actual digits of card number. E.g., 621222******4321|622333*********1234
Surname of Cardholder lastName ANS 1-50 O:Optional
Name of Cardholder firstName ANS 1-50 O:Optional
Mobile number mobile ANS 1-30 O:Optional Format: +country code-Mobile number
Email address email ANS 1-100 O:Optional
ID of application provider’s APP walletId AN 1-11 O:Optional The ID of application provider’s APP.
User ID of application provider appUserId ANS 1-64 O:Optional It is the hash value of the login account ID information on smart device which is to identify the user. As the replacement value of the login account ID, it corresponds to the user's login account ID one by one.
Date and time of operation procDt ANS 14 M:Mandatory Format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
Reserved field resvFld ANS 1-500 O:Optional
Synchronous Response parameters
Filed name Identifier Type Length Request Default value Note
Type of Operation procType AN 1 M:Mandatory 1- Obtaining coupon
Signature certificate ID signCertId AN 1-128 M:Mandatory Signature certificate ID
Display Language language AN 1-5 M:Mandatory Zh-cn: Simplified Chinese
Reference number refNum N 1-20 M:Mandatory Return the same value filled in the request message.
Response code respCode ANS 2 M:Mandatory Response code, see Appendix for details.
Response message respMsg ANS 1-200 O:Optional Response message, see Appendix for details.
Coupon ID couponId ANS 1-30 O:Optional The coupon ID. It must be filled in when respCode is 00. For the unified coupon campaign, the coupon ID is a fixed value during the campaign.
Coupon valid start date validStartDate N 8 O:Optional Must be filled in when respCode is 00. Format: YYYYMMDD
Valid expiration date of coupon validEndDate N 8 O:Optional Must be filled in when respCode is 00. Format: YYYYMMDD
Reserved field resvFld ANS 1-500 O:Optional
Sample code
Request code

Response code
//This sample code is for reference only,  "data" field should be encoded to Base64 format

Steps to Launch
Steps to Launch

Step 1: Sign NDA

Step 2: Get U•plan Specification

Step 3: Business Negotiation

Step 4: Sign U•plan Cooperation Contract

Step 5: System Update

Step 6: Production Test

Step 7: Business Launch

Response Code Reference
Response Code Reference
Response code Description
00 success
01 format_error
02 xx field_format_error
03 xx field is missing
04 signature error
05 system reject
06 promotion not exists
07 promotion was over
08 coupon not exists
09 coupon was used up
10 coupon has been used
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