MoneyExpress is a cross-border remittance service provided by UnionPay, which is cost effective, efficient and profitable for UnionPay cardholders. The service was launched to meet the needs of international and domestic remittance mainly for travelers, immigrants and foreign workers. Multiple remittance channels include over-the-counter and online solutions for remittance initiation that bring an improved customer experience. Real-time account credit and automatic currency conversion increases the accessibility of the money received.



The applicant institutions should confirm their UnionPay membership and business license first.

- If not a UnionPay member yet, please join UnionPay as a member and apply for a MoneyExpress business license.

- If already a UnionPay member but don’t have a MoneyExpress business license, please extend your MoneyExpress business license.

Applicant institutions should implement an AML Program, follow due diligence procedures, and follow all requirements under applicable law.


  1. Inbound Mainland China Remittance

  2. Cross-Border Remittance (excluding Mainland China)

Payment Flow


Use Case

1 . Wise

Wise is one of the fastest growing financial companies. It is an innovative remittance service for the younger generation. Enjoyed by young people for its online/mobile financial services, it has become one of the most popular money transfer services around the world.

2 . Paysend

Paysend displays the rate, transfer fee and receivable amount before you make the transfer. Transfers are sent within seconds to your recipient’s bank. It offers global 24/7 support.


Fixed FX rate at time of sending

Supports sending money to regions where UnionPay cards are issued

Supports various sending channels

Directly deposit to a card account

Simple & relatively low-fee structure

Low development costs based on an existing integrated UnionPay business platform

Secure UnionPay network

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