Support Documentation 4.2 Application for API Sandbox Testing
4.2 Application for API Sandbox Testing

According to business needs, API services at this Platform will selectively provide users with API sandbox testing function for experience. If any user desires to call the API sandbox testing function when browsing API introduction, it is required to check whether the said API is designed with sandbox testing function. It is as shown in the figure:


When hovering over the button of Sandbox Testing, if the button shows Currently Unavailable, it means that the said API cannot perform sandbox testing currently;


On the contrary, if the button shows Sandbox Testing and remains the same, the user can click the said button to complete the application for API sandbox testing. In other words, after the user can test all APIs contained in the API service through the sandbox successfully, the page will jump to the interface of My Test.


On the interface of My Test, the user can view all the API service information of sandbox testing applied; Under each API service, multiple API testing URL included in this service will be displayed to the user;


Click the View button in the upper right corner of API service information to browse all the contents of the API service. Click the Test Param button to view the sandbox testing parameters that need to be specified in the API contained in calling of the API service;


Sandbox testing parameters are a set of parameters particularly outfitted by technicians in the product system to allow users to successfully test the API of each product system and gain correct response via sandbox. It not only includes such text messages as merchant code and institution code, but also includes SDK required for calling specified API services, public and private keys for data encryption/decryption and other documents. The information aforesaid will be listed in the introduction to API service as sandbox testing parameters for reference by user and calling. It should be noted that, the testing parameters of different products are different. The sandbox testing parameter need to be applied for sandbox testing permission of the API product before they are displayed in sandbox parameter section of the said API product.

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