MoneyExpress is a cross-border remittance service provided by UnionPay, which is cost effective, efficient and profitable for UnionPay cardholders. The service was launched to meet the needs of international and domestic remittance mainly for travelers, immigrants and foreign workers. Multiple remittance channels include over-the-counter and online solutions for remittance initiation that bring an improved customer experience. Real-time account credit and automatic currency conversion increases the accessibility of the money received.

  • Steps & Work Content
  • 1

    Apply for enrollment

    Contact the local UnionPay office, and fill in and submit the application form. Review & sign documents.

  • 2

    Develop the system

    Applicant institution makes the enhancement and development of the system.

  • 3

    Testing and Online Certification

    Apply for testing on the UTSS platform and require certification.

  • 4

    Pilot and Launch

    Preparation check and go live.

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