Merchant Presented QR Code Encoding Specification
Support Documentation QR Code Payload and Formatting
Value Representation and Notation

For value representation of data objects, the following notation is used:

• Characters included in the Merchant-Presented QRC are enclosed in double quotation marks, for instance "Test@123".

• A character can be represented by its hexadecimal value. Single quotation marks are used to indicate the hexadecimal value, for instance '42' to represent the character “B”. 

For the presence of data objects, the following notation is used:

• M: Mandatory – shall always be present. 

Note: If the Template, e.g., Merchant Information - Language Template, is present, then the data objects that are labelled M shall be present in the template. Otherwise, the whole template shall be absent.

• C: Conditional – shall be present under certain conditions. 

• O: Optional – may be present.

Data Element Format Conventions

Data ElementFormat Conventions
Numeric (N)

Values represented by all digits, so "0" to "9".

The numeric alphabet includes ten (10) cha racters in total

Alphanumeric Special (ANS)

Values represented by the Common Character Set defined in [EMV Book 4].

The Alphanumeric Special alphabet includes ninety-six (96) characters in total (including the numeric alphabet and punctuation)

String (S)

Values represented by any character(s) defined in [Unicode].

A character in UTF-8 can be one to four byte long. The length must be equal to the number of characters in the value, not the number of bytes.

QR Code Payload

The data elements and formatting are as follows.

 mp qrc payload-_页面_1.png

mp qrc payload-_页面_2.png

mp qrc payload-_页面_3.png

mp qrc payload-_页面_4.png

mp qrc payload-_页面_5.png


1) Data object IDs and data object values that are defined as RFU shall not be included in the QR Code

2) While the QRC is required to not contain data objects that are RFU, the mobile application must ignore RFU data object IDs and data object values if present in the QR Code.

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