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HTTP Header

All the HTTP request and response headers shall contain the followings elements:

http header.png

Unless explicitly noted, if a mandatory data element is missing in the HTTP Header, the receiving entity must return a Message Response with the HTTP Status Code 401 (Unauthorized access). A data element is considered missing if either the key/value pair is absent, or the data object key is present but the value is empty.


• All request and response payloads in the message body shall be sent in the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data-interchange format defined in [RFC 7159] or JWE object format as defined in [RFC 7516].

• All the messages, both requests and responses shall be UTF-8 encoded.

• The business-specific data objects are defined by each application.

Common HTTP Status Codes

The HTTP status codes are defined in [RFC 7231]. The following common HTTP status codes are defined:

• 200: OK, the request was successful; details are included in the response body

• 401: Unauthorized access

In case UPI API Gateway declines the transaction, UPI API Gateway returns a response with the HTTP Status Code 401 (Unauthorized access), and the response body contains only a Message Response object as below:


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