Uplan participants may refer to the API introduction for 3 reasons:
1 uplan Uplan is used by developers to deal with coupon. After browsing promotion from uplan partners’ websites, Apps or WeChat Official Accounts, App users and UnionPay cardholders can access the coupons to participate in promotions.

Step 2: Get Uplan Specification

Step 4: Sign Uplan Cooperation Contract

, sans-serif; color: rgb(100, 100, 100);">Uplan is the first cross-border marketing platform developed by...... utilizes cross-sectoral resources, upgrades service for all uplan partner, and provides UnionPay cardholders with a new shopping experience. Uplan partners access uplan platform through standard API
Precision marketing, instant discounts, and mobile / web-based marketing are its key features. The implementation of a uplan process is based on mobile device. The most important feature of uplan...... his travelling. Mobile-based distribution is another important feature of uplan. Cardholder
37 Registration for Offer Program Registration for Offer Program enables institutions who have accessed U-rebate System to deliver cardholders' registration information.
U-rebate system is a system used for institutions to achieve systematic rebate to cardholders. For institutions who access the U-Rebate System, Registration for Offer Program provide APIs to deliver offer program's registrants' card numbers to U-rebate. Based on card number and transaction
Institutions who access U-rebate system, including issuing banks and software developers This API is available globally. NULL NULL
U Collection platform contains a series of luxury global privileges and benefits including Dining, Shopping, Hotel, Lifestyle, Travel and other top picks. 
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