When UPI QR Code Acquirers want to connect to UPI system and support QR Code payment through JSON interface.
6.Merchant-Presented QR Code: Merchant-Presented QR Code payment allows consumers to scan merchants’ QR code, then initiate payment in the mobile App. After completing transaction, both merchant and consumer will receive notification.
5. Customer-Presented QR Code: When consumer clicks “QR Code Pay” in the App main page, App will request both EMV QR code and URL mode barcode from UnionPay system and display them separately for...... the QR Code by clicking “Global QR Code” or “QR Code in China” at the bottom of the page.
1、Openness. The UPI QR Code solution provides an open platform. The transaction can be completed with any Apps that support UPI QR Code.
When mobile App providers want to integrate UPI QR Code Payments function and connect to UPI system to provide QR Code payment service to their users.
21 QR Code ATM Cash Withdrawal UPI QR Code Cash Withdrawal provides ATM cash withdrawal services to cardholders globally. NULL
Merchant-presented QR Code data elements and formatting are as follows
UPI QR Code product can be used by UPI QR Code merchants to support a low-cost, convenient and secure innovative payment solution by either displaying a static/dynamic QR Code (Merchant-Presented) or scanning consumer's payment QR Code (Consumer-Presented).
Merchant-presented QR Code data elements and formatting are as follows

3、It is applied to QR code payment,The offline QR payment and bar code payment are used to solve the problem that the static code contains sensitive card number information.

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