Card-Not-Present (CNP) Program

A transaction where an online authorization request is initiated and completed without the presence of a card, therefore no track/chip data or PIN is captured in the transaction. CNP scenarios include MO/TO, recurring, in-flight commerce, tax recollection and some hotel reservation/car rental transactions without a card present, but does not include e-commerce transactions.

  • Steps & Work Content
  • 1

    Apply for enrollment

    Contact the local UnionPay office, and fill in and submit the application form. Review & sign documents.

  • 2

    Develop the system

    Applicant institution makes the enhancement and development of the system.

  • 3

    Testing and Online Certification

    Apply for testing on the UTSS platform and require certification.

  • 4

    Pilot and Launch

    Preparation check and go live.

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