UnionPay Content & Service Platform (UCSP) for Service Provider

UCSP realizes two-way connection and resource integration between channels and service providers through standardized API docking. By integrating resources from channels (e.g. UnionPay app, white label wallet and banking apps) and service providers (e.g. utility fees, tax refunds, transport, recreation and delivery), UCSP offers core functions, such as unified accounts, order synchronization, payment services, customized solutions and data analysis.

  • Steps & Work Content
  • 1

    Sign Agreement

    UnionPay provides the service provider with an access agreement template for the reference of both parties and sign.

  • 2

    Access UnionPay Network

    Confirm the acquirer has UnionPay Acquiring License qualification and apply for a seperate MID for UCSP business. Then submit the MID and other info to UPI

  • 3


    Follow the UCSP specs and develop

  • 4


    The service provider shall send the test application form to UnionPay. UnionPay will review the application form and configure the test environment parameters. UnionPay assigns the test secret key and sends it to the institution by email

  • 5


    Launch at the time agreed by both parties

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