Frictionless Parking

The UnionPay Frictionless Parking Solution enables automatic parking payment from a bank card linked to the car license plate number, providing a frictionless payment experience for users in parking payment scenarios. When a car drives through the parking lot gate, the car license plate information is collected by an automatic license identification device and the parking fee is calculated by the car park’s backend system based on its fee calculation rules. Then the parking lot will initiate a card-not-present online purchase transaction to the UnionPay Frictionless Payment Platform (UFPP), completing the frictionless payment.

  • Steps & Work Content
  • 1

    Review Qualification

    UnionPay confirms if the merchant is qualified to implement the solution.

  • 2

    Submit Application Form

    UnionPay provides an application form for the merchant to fill in and submit.

  • 3

    Complete System Configuration and Modification

    UnionPay provides a specification for the merchant’s reference. Both parties implement and complete the related system modification.

  • 4


    Both parties conduct and finish UAT testing.

  • 5

    Launch Program

    Go live after passing the testing

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