Mobile Phone as POS (MPP)

The Mobile Phone as POS (Soft POS) solution is an android smartphone which integrates various payment modes including QuickPass and QR Code. It allows small merchants where POS is not applicable to better check out. In UnionPay Mobile POS solution, the acquirers should be responsible for developing the acquiring APP and the SDK which can call the NFC and camera, which also allows acquirers to provide more flexible services to merchants.

  • Steps & Work Content
  • 1

    Business Negotiation

    Confirm and request business qualification and go live plan.

  • 2

    Apply for enrollment

    Contact the local UnionPay office, fill in and submit the application form. After verification from UnionPay, sign PLA and receive IIN.

  • 3


    Develop and a UnionPay colleague will help with technique and specification problems.

  • 4

    Network access to UnionPay network

    Transfer API and configure parameters.

  • 5

    Modification in test environmentModification in test environment

    Apply for testing on the UTSS platform, and a UnionPay colleague will help with the testing and debugging.

  • 6

    Modification in production environment

    Apply for testing and configuring parameters on GSCS and UMPS, and complete transaction verification.

  • 7

    Go live

    Go live after passing the testing and sign relative agreements, if any.

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