Commercial Card

UnionPay International is committed to providing businesses with one-stop solutions. UnionPay International’s Commercial Card provides meaningful solutions to all corporates with a convenient method for paying corporate expenses while ensuring compliance with company policies. Based on different target commercial sectors, the UnionPay Commercial Card is divided into the Business, Corporate and Purchase Cards. The UnionPay Business Card targets owners of SMEs, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs to help them conveniently and securely manage their purchasing and travel spending. The UnionPay Corporate Card is ideal for large domestic and multinational corporations to provide employees with a convenient method for paying T&E expenses. The UnionPay Purchasing Card offers large corporations and government institutions a simple solution to complex purchasing processes for online and offline transactions, while ensuring compliance with company policies. There is always a UnionPay Commercial Card to suit your needs.


  • Steps & Work Content
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    Contact the local branch

  • 2

    UnionPay International member application and approval process

  • 3

    New BIN application for commercial card issuance

  • 4

    Card design approval process

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