UnionPay’s Cloud-Based HCE solution allows NFC-enabled Android smartphones to emulate a contactless IC card to make NFC payments on QuickPass terminals. In this solution, it does not require the mobile device to have SE (Secure Element), which covers more mobile device models. Also, UnionPay’s Cloud-Based HCE solution shares token provisioning APIs with QRC business, which lowers the development costs and speeds up the deployment for issuers.


  • Steps & Work Content
  • 1

    Apply for enrollment

    Contact the local UnionPay International office to fetch the latest HCE implementation materials and confirm the cooperation.

  • 2

    System development

    1. Wallet app development; 2. Issuer host development.

  • 3

    Apply for online test

    1. Fill in the business application forms for testing the environment; 2. Fill in the required forms if necessary (such as wallet ID application form, etc.); 3. Submit a test request with forms in UTSS and book testing timeslot.

  • 4

    Online test

    The assigned UnionPay International tester will help with the testing and debugging.

  • 5

    Go live

    Issuer is able to make the project go live if T125 is ready.

  • 6

    Production environment verification

    Test again in production environment.

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