Asia Theme Card

The ASIA Theme Card focuses on segment living or traveling in Asia. It creates exclusive benefits focused in Asia and concentrates on name brand co-op & brand awareness. Besides existing UnionPay International platform offers, cardholders experience exclusive treatment during their trip. It provides the best offers in the Top 20 key Asian cities, including airport privileges and exclusive and destination offers. To meet the needs of different segments, it’s divided into Asia Prestige and Travel Mate Asia. Asia Prestige is targeted at high net wealth cardholders and provides continuous premium privileges for outbound travel. Travel Mate Asia is targeted at the mass segment who live or travel in Asia. The key differences between the two are the airport privileges provided and card fee collection. Asia Prestige cardholders enjoy complimentary global airport privileges upon card fee collection. Issuers can choose one or both of the programs, contact your local UnionPay International branch for details.


  • Steps & Work Content
  • 1

    Contact local branch

  • 2

    UnionPay International member application and approval process

  • 3

    Unique BIN application

    The Asia Theme card needs to be issued with a unique BIN, which can be a new BIN or an existing BIN with 7-8 digits or 9-10 digits to distinguish Asia Theme Cards and generic UnionPay International cards.

  • 4

    Concierge service setup for premium cards

    Concierge service setup needs to be completed before issuance for Asia Theme Platinum Cards or Diamond Cards.

  • 5

    Asia Prestige enrollment form

    An Asia Prestige enrollment form is required if issuers plan to issue an Asia Prestige Card. Issuers can contact their local UnionPay International branch to get the form.

  • 6

    Airport privileges setup for Asia Prestige Cards

    Asia Prestige complementary airport privileges need to be setup before issuance and issuers can contact their local UnionPay International branch for assistance.

  • 7

    Card design approval process

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