NFC & QRC All in One for Huawei Pay

Huawei Pay is a mobile payment service provided by both UnionPay and Huawei for Huawei devices. Huawei Pay supports an NFC & QR code all-in-one solution and in-app provisioning solution, and users can conduct NFC payments, QRC payments and in-app payments with cards registered in Huawei wallets.


  • Steps & Work Content
  • 1

    Sign Agreement

    Issuer to sign agreement with UnionPay International to cooperate on Huawei Pay.

  • 2

    Spec Evaluation

    Issuer evaluates UMPS spec.

  • 3

    Development of Issuer System & Internal Testing

    Issuer develops according to UnionPay International's spec and implementation guide.

  • 4

    Preparation of "UnionPay International UMPS TSM application form

    Issuer fills in "UnionPay International UMPS TSM application form" and submits it to UnionPay International.

  • 5

    Network Implementation

    Network connectivity between issuer system and UMPS.

  • 6

    Online Test

    Issuer, UnionPay International SZDC and Huawei perform online testing.

  • 7

    Exchange KEY

    The key between the issuer system and UMPS.

  • 8

    E2E Test

    Use Huawei test cases in the production environment.

  • 9


    Align the launch date between UnionPay International and the issuer.

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