Based on the EMVCo 3-D Secure Protocol, it is a global solution designed to make e-commerce transactions more secure using identity verification and "big data" analysis.

  • Steps & Work Content
  • 1

    Choose a Plan

    Issuer/Acquirer choose the ACS/ 3DS Server development plan, either using self-built or hosted ACS/3DS Server by a service provider.

  • 2

    EMVCo Certification

    The ACS/3DS Server/SDK component must go through the EMVCo Certification

  • 3

    Membership Registration

    A new Issuer /Acquirer must apply to become UnionPay Member. If the Issuer/ Acquirer chooses a hosted ACS/3DS Server service, the provider must register for UnionPay TPSP.

  • 4

    Apply for UP3DS

    The Issuer /Acquirer must fill in the Application Form which includes the component to be tested. UnionPay will assign the parameters.

  • 5

    Testing with UnionPay

    UnionPay will arrange the certification process on the basis of the information from the enrollment. Issuer/Acquirer could conduct the testing with the support from UnionPay.

  • 6

    Release to Production

    After testing all the test cases, Issuer/Acquirer could initiate the go live process.

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