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Merchants' offer
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Partners like Mafengwo/TripAdvisor,etc., can leverage detailed merchants' offer from UPI's website and connect to their channels.
API Introduction
API Introduction
What is it?

Users like Mafengwo/TripAdvisor,etc., can leverage detailed merchants' offer from UPI's website and connected to their channels.

Who use it?
Third party partners.
Where to Use it?
This API is available globally.
Flow Chart
Flow Chart

API Document
API Document
  • Get Merchant Offers (Country Information)
  • Get Merchant Offers (Merchant Category)
  • Get Merchant Offers (Applicable Card Types)
  • Inquire on Merchant Offers Using Parameters
Interface description
Leverage country data from UPI's merchant page.
Request Method
Request Parameter
Field name Identifier Type Length Request Default value Note
Access to Application Identification appID string 128 M-Must
Encryption Key appKey string 128 M-Must
Language lang string 5 M-Must
interface ID procType string 128 M-Must getMerCountry
Synchronous Response parameters
Filed name Identifier Type Length Request Default value Note
Response Code respCode string 96 M-Must
Response Message respMsg string 96 M-Must
Country Name country string 100 M-Must
Country ID countryId string 100 M-Must
Sample code
Request code
 "appId": "liuliangjigou",
 "appKey": "liuliangjigoukey",
 "fields": {
  "lang": "cn"
 "procType": "getMerCountry"

Response code

Response Code Reference
Response Code Reference
Response code Description
01 success
02 sys_error
03 service_stop
04 precess_timeout
05 signature error
06 Missing necessary parameters
07 Request parameter format error
08 Request parameter type error
09 other error illegal parameter
10 Query no record
10000 success
10001 sys_error
10002 service_stop
10003 precess_timeout
10004 signature error
20001 Missing necessary parameters
20002 Request parameter format error
20003 Request parameter type error
20004 other error
20005 illegal parameter
20006 Query no record
Steps to Launch
Steps to Launch

Interface Access Flow

1, The service provider releases the interface.

2, The caller raises access application.

3, The service provider approves the application.

4, The service provider updates the interface white list.

5, The service provider generates the key pair.

6, The service provider keeps the private key, and provides the api user the public key and user ID (appID). 

Interface Call Flow

1, The caller uses the public key to encrypt the request, while the request message should include caller's user identity information.

2, The service provider verifies the caller's user identity and the corresponding interface permissions.

3, The service provider decrypts the request message using the private key.

4, The service provider implements the interface function to obtain the return data.

5, The service provider uses private key to encrypt the return message.

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